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From the turtle position to side control

You are belly-down with your knees and arms on the ground (turtle position), and your opponent can smash you, go to your back, or even choke you.

In this excerpt of one of the “Master’s Tips,” you will find the first steps to protect yourself. First, ensure your neck is safe and move to prevent your opponent from taking your back.

Check out the entire lesson here! There is a complete series about turtle escapes in the “Master’s Tips” section.
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Getting a better understanding of hip movements

In this video, Master Rickson shows the importance of moving your hips in the guard, creating a safe distance, and maintaining the connection to your opponent.

A better understanding of angles and leverage will maximize your efficiency in defending yourself and create opportunities to finish your opponent.

This is an excerpt from one class in our platform's "Live Classes" section. To watch the entire class, click here

Keep training hard.
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Fine adjustments for the armlock from the guard

In the following class, Rickson Gracie shows little adjustments that will help you never lose an armbar from the closed guard again, even when your opponent is trying to protect themselves. 

The most crucial detail of this position is to avoid stepping on your training partner's hip to start moving, because you will find yourself in a weak position. 

So, what you want to do is lift and angle your hips and, at the same time,  use your legs to climb your opponent. You must ensure that one of your legs will go over your opponent's shoulder and the other right under their armpit, keeping the pressure with your knees. 

Watch Master Rickson's demonstration, and his students practicing, to understand the angle you should have and how to use your legs to trap your opponent's arm.

Keep your eyes and ears open for all the details. Keep training hard!

Fine adjustments for the armbar from the guard

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Learn how to prevent your opponent from stalling the training

Sometimes your opponent is on your guard, but he decides to stall, maintain the position, and control your hips. What do you do?

Master Rickson shows how to find the angles that will help you to create space. Done correctly, you can start setting up some attacks from the guard even if your opponent tries to stall the training.

This is an excerpt from our platform's "Live Classes" section. To watch the entire class, click here
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Timing is everything when you end up under side control

Your opponent has side control and will create even more problems if you don't act fast. Watch how to avoid your opponent's control when they have the top position.

Whether from the mount, cross-side, or headlock, it doesn't matter. Learning to position yourself will be the difference between getting stuck and escaping.

This is an excerpt from our platform's "Ask Me Anything" section. Click here to watch the entire class. 

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