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How capturing a neck can be as simple as opening a window

Check out Rickson Gracie’s basic lesson on the principle of the guillotine, and open a window into the simplicity and effectiveness of good jiu-jitsu.


Denny Prokopos Avatar
Denny Prokopos commented:

Thank you very much Grandmaster 🥋♥️

June 08, 2021 09:07 AM
blackjosh429 Avatar
blackjosh429 commented:

Am I missing something on these two videos? The last guillotine video it looked like the choke was more from the hand into the throat but this one looks like the radial bone is on the throat. Is this specifically just for a standing guillotine or am I just not seeing it correctly. Also I’ve always been curious on how to do a standing guillotine properly thanks. Joshua Black.

June 08, 2021 01:06 AM
Roberto Wanick  Avatar
Roberto Wanick commented:

Very nice, perfect.

May 29, 2021 03:45 PM