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Rickson Gracie’s ‘nutcracker’ choke

Often in BJJ we reach a good position, but our opponent seems to have missed rehearsal and forgets to give us the arm or the space we need to finish the way we intended. 

Oh, well. Life, like jiu-jitsu, is not a choreographed ballet. 

But both onstage and on the mat, there is a nutcracker. In the case of BJJ, it’s a powerful and very simple choke with the potential to give you lots of wins. 
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The unbearable lightness of the choke

“I must be doing something wrong when it’s time for the grip.” Now there’s a thought that has crossed the minds of 99% of all jiu-jitsu students, especially in that inevitable occasion where the choke got away. The torque, the adjustment of the hands and the fingers are indeed crucial, but they’re not enough to secure the win, as Rickson Gracie confirms. 

Take note of the rich details in this lesson on the choke from the mount, with the opponent lying sideways, and feel the unbearable lightness of the perfect choke, at the precise time when the master’s body connection, movement synchronicity and well-balanced base add up to the unstoppable result: the tap-out. 
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amazing article!! thank you!!

August 08, 2022 09:17 PM

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