Is there a BJJ technique Rickson dislikes?

Could there be a jiu-jitsu technique that Rickson Gracie might find not to be all that? Recently, upon answering a classic question from one of his followers, the master made clear what displeases him when it comes to his endless range of resources.

"I love all the techniques in our jiu-jitsu, but my favorite ones are those that are performed without effort, at the right time and in the most effective manner," he said. "Everything that comes out imperfect, with too much wasted energy, gritted teeth and use of force bothers me, and I end up not liking it even if the movement in the end works out."

Check out the question asked by the Rickson Academy member, and Rickson's answer, here.


Rizanito Holandez Avatar
Rizanito Holandez commented:

Master Rickson if Sakuraba or Bas Rutten ask you to fight MMA today will you accept? A lot of people think you dodge them.

June 10, 2021 04:24 PM
doc1964_99 Avatar
doc1964_99 replied:

Nothing to prove, unless he or his family is in danger, no ego there.

June 19, 2021 07:25 PM
jt Avatar
jt replied:

such an unnecessary question, what it what if. if people think he will dodge them, who cares, if people think he would fight, what does it matter. we know rickson is a samurai, he will defend his honor and family if he must. If he doesn't have to fight he wont, and thats perfectly fine. martial arts is learning how to fight, so we don't have to fight, right?. Its the highest level of budo and bushido

August 01, 2021 10:14 PM
graciegarage Avatar
graciegarage commented:

I love the smile. Lets not forget to have fun when we train!

June 06, 2021 10:21 AM
stuart.farris Avatar
stuart.farris commented:

Master Rickson--that just made my year! God bless the internet. OSS!!

June 04, 2021 04:31 PM