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What is Rickson's favorite technique?

The other day, a student enrolled in Rickson.Academy's virtual classes asked what Rickson's favorite technique was out of all the ones he teaches and demonstrates in detail. 

Rickson, with a discreet smile, said: 
"Well, this is a slippery one. I'll explain: I have a car that is my favorite. But I couldn't decide which part of my car is my favorite. I mean, I like the tires. I like the engine and the design, and the leather on the seats. And I like the music that comes out of the radio. I love that car, but it's complex to subdivide and point to a piece that is my favorite. What's nice about the car is its functionality, how it works perfectly when it's complete."

He added: "In the same way, in Jiu-Jitsu I don't believe I can compartmentalize and say that I prefer the defense against stabbing over the defense against clubbing, or the choke; I love all the techniques equally. Because they fit together and connect perfectly to give us that extra dose of tranquility, of inner peace, of confidence and calm when it's time to act, which makes us successful in whatever field. So I love everything from the mount escape seen in the first few lessons all the way up to the inverted foot lock I teach the higher-ranked students."
Rickson concluded his thoughts with quite a piece of advice:
"But you may have your favorite technique, of course. I just advise you to have fun learning all of them, so you can then point to your favorite."

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Is there a BJJ technique Rickson dislikes?

Could there be a jiu-jitsu technique that Rickson Gracie might find not to be all that? Recently, upon answering a classic question from one of his followers, the master made clear what displeases him when it comes to his endless range of resources.

"I love all the techniques in our jiu-jitsu, but my favorite ones are those that are performed without effort, at the right time and in the most effective manner," he said. "Everything that comes out imperfect, with too much wasted energy, gritted teeth and use of force bothers me, and I end up not liking it even if the movement in the end works out."

Check out the question asked by the Rickson Academy member, and Rickson's answer, here.


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This throw is gold.

February 01, 2023 10:49 AM

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Ecelente mestre!

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