Jiujitsu, success and the box theory

The psychologist and writer David Niven is an indefatigable student of people's habits and notions of success—subjects he has turned into a number of books. To the author, today success is automatically linked to concepts such as the top, leadership, astronomical salaries, consumer goods. Not always, as he explains, is life a competition.

To the psychologist, the successful person may be not the one who aims high, but the one who uses their hours well.

"Success is about getting what you need," Niven summarizes. "Think of success as filling a box. You will fill it faster not only if you work harder, but also if you choose a smaller box."

The author of "The 100 Simple Secrets of successful People" tells the story of Becky. Married, a good husband, two children. And a life in which she did not enjoy her hours at all, but was instead a slave to them.

Becky then concluded, in the middle of an insane day, that events were the ones pushing her and that she had lost control of her life. She wanted to take care of everything, answer every request, fulfill every wish. Until she made some resolutions, such as setting priorities, delegating tasks, planning activities better—there were weeks when Becky went to the supermarket five times. And above all to have the courage to say "no."

Jiujitsu, as Rickson Gracie's classes always show, requires courage, giving up harmful habits, and the development of a tactical vision. After all, without a minimum of planning, the guy can't even put on his gi. The belt gets badly tied, or is forgotten at home, and the outfit worn for training can get damp or grimy.

Plan your life with the help of jiujitsu's concepts, think about the size of the box you need to be happy, and go have a good training session.

In the following excerpt, see a simple example of how Master Rickson teaches an uncomplicated, efficient, strategic, and success-oriented mindset. 

This Video is an excerpt from a comprehensive takedown class that is part of the Fundamentals Program.


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