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How BJJ strategy can influence your professional life

One of the most valuable lessons life teaches us is that you rarely get it right in the first attempt. It's necessary to repeat, try again, persevere. And, of course, have a plan B up your sleeve for when the first attempt fails — something as common as a sunrise. 

That's what Rickson recently taught us in a basic self-defense lesson against attacks that look similar, but with small differences in the aggressor's posture. 

As Rickson demonstrates, the right way to react will depend on how your enemy moves — that is, on how the problem presents itself to you. Taking on any issue with a strategic plan, therefore, will always be the best way to solve it with efficiency, without wasting force and energy, or getting hurt in the end. 

Watch the short clip, think strategically, and enjoy your jiu-jitsu studies with Master Rickson.

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I'll try this tomorrow rs

December 06, 2022 05:56 PM

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